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When preparing for the conference, we wanted to connect, open an honest dialogue, and fill in any cracks in our foundation. As a company, we are responsible for 50+ properties, 50+ F&B outlets, and over 2,000 employees. To continue growing, we must pause and take stock of what’s working and what needs to change. We asked for honest feedback and we got it. We listened openly and actively and followed up with a daylong meeting to make an action plan. This wasn’t a time for knowing it all or pushing an agenda. This was a time for humility and learning. I alone do not know all the answers, but together the questions become starting points and the answers become springboards for tomorrow. It’s just that simple. Listen more than you talk. Open your mind to a new approach.

GM conferences are more than celebrating the wins of a five-star review or a Travel + Leisure award. That’s because it isn’t the wins that drive us. Hospitality is a calling. A calling to serve. A calling to shape experiences and be a part of a memory that lasts.

One day we will talk about what we overcame. When we do, we won’t remember the heartburn, just that we led our industry forward. We will remember those who stood with us in the trenches and led us through the unknown. Our employees are the reason for every ounce of our success, past, present and future. To take an analogy from Colorado, they are our rock, our bedrock.

Origin Westminster

8875 Westminster Blvd, Westminster, CO 80031

July 31 - August 03

Detailed schedule listed below.

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Summit Schedule

Please join us for the arrival reception and dinner Origin Westminster's restaurant, Familie.
Where authentic Colorado meets french hospitality.

Location:8875 Westminster Blvd, Westminster, CO 80031

Join us for a quick breakfast at Origin Westminster before we kick off the Summit with a variety of presentations and panels from leaders of the various disciplines within Charlestowne Hotels.

Location:8875 Westminster Blvd, Westminster, CO 80031

Starting with introductions, we will lead into several panels with Charlestowne Hotels leadership before the Vendor Showcase.

Location:8875 Westminster Blvd, Westminster, CO 80031

Each booth will include one 30" x 42" high cocktail round with basic drapery, and two chairs. Electricity will be provided with one Power Strip placed at every other table. Internet Connect is included via wireless only. Hardwired connections are not available. On-site assistance will be available during set-up and breakdown times. Refreshments will be available in the main ballroom at the main buffet throughout the day. We will allow vendors to include four preferred table choices however all table locations will be assigned on a first-come first-serve basis.

Location:8875 Westminster Blvd, Westminster, CO 80031

Please meet in the lobby of Origin Westminster at 5:00 PM sharp. Shuttles will be transporting us to a private event and dinner.


Grab a quick bite, hop on the shuttle and join us for an relaxing outdoor activity!


The final presentations and sessions with the Charlestowne Hotels leadership and executive team.

Location:8875 Westminster Blvd, Westminster, CO 80031

After presentations, join us for a team building activity for a great cause.

Location:8875 Westminster Blvd, Westminster, CO 80031

The final event of the day - a fantastic dinner at Origin Westminster, followed by a suprise event!

Location:8875 Westminster Blvd, Westminster, CO 80031

Thank you for attending the 2022 Charlestowne Hotels General Manager Summit. See you next year!

Location:8875 Westminster Blvd, Westminster, CO 80031


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